Repairing Wind Damaged Roofs in Danbury & Bristol

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In an instant, Mother Nature can unleash powerful weather patterns, leaving behind substantial wind damage to your home or business. Wind, water, hail and downed trees are just some of the things that can expose your property and contents, whatever their size, to the elements. It is at this time that immediate wind damage restoration is key to your property’s safety and recovery.

Armor Shield has successfully rebuilt tens of thousands of wind-damaged households through the years in the Stratford, Bridgeport, Shelton, Bristol, Danbury areas. It is in situations like these that our team’s specialized skill sets are required. Rebuilding part of a home is very different from a new construction facility. Building materials, design and finishes must all be matched to the remaining structure, while moisture remaining in the building components may need to be addressed as well.

We will thoroughly inspect your entire roof and look for any signs of roof bound wind damage. Our expert roofers have the experience to be able to suggest the appropriate roofing services, whether it’s roof repair or roofing replacement. After a storm, we’re the experts to call in Stratford, Bridgeport, Shelton, Bristol, Danbury and nearby!

  • Emergency Board-Up Service
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Building Shrink Wrap
  • Emergency Security Personnel

Hail & Storm Repair Services

  • A free inspection of your roof for storm and hail damage.
  • Inspection of roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimney caps & chimneys.
  • Free estimates for all recommended roof repair work.
  • Prompt, expert repair and/or replacement of storm-damaged roof elements

What’s the Damage?

Do not underestimate the power of wind. Let’s consider the fact that wind has contributed to unique land formations like the great Devils Tower. It has also moved massive ships across our seven oceans and continues to power hot air balloons and planes into the sky. The force of wind is not just a bunch of hot air, and its threat to the safety of your home should not be overlooked.

Roof – Studies have shown that a home’s roof is the most vulnerable to wind damage. If even one window or door has been compromised, wind can increase the uplift forces on the roof and literally blast it off of your house. The best case scenario would be you lose a few shingles. Sometimes, roof damage isn’t as obvious as a few missing shingles, though. Be sure to also inspect exhaust pipes, overhangs and where your roof meets walls. Call Armor Shield to check for hidden structural damage.

Windows – Windows are another entry point for your home. Should winds blow at a force 12, unsecured windows are likely to break. Shattered glass blowing through your house is dangerous enough. But, again, an exposed entryway allows wind to access the inside of your home. This not only will cause damage to your personal belongings but tests the integrity of your roof.

Doors – Double-entry doors, specifically, are at risk during hurricane-speed gusts. With double-entry doors, you typically have one active door that opens and one that’s fixed. These types of doors often contain glass, which can break when winds run over 120 mph. With or without a window, doors can be pushed open and become a welcome invitation for water damage.  If the storm doesn’t produce rain or flooding, wind coming into your home presses against your interior walls and roof. Like a pot of boiling water, the pressure eventually blows the top off.

To prevent roof leaks, we respond to repair wind damage quickly

High winds can cause blow-off damage that should be repaired right away. Wind-damaged roof shingles may not cause a problem for months or years, but it’s wise to call Armor Shield Companies as soon as possible to see if the damage merits roof repair or roofing replacement. We provide free inspections and estimates for wind damage repair in Wilton, Westport, Ridgefield, Weston, Trumbull and surrounding areas throughout Western Connecticut. Give us a call or get an online quote today!

No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, Armor Shield Companies’ roofing services can provide peace of mind and help protect your home against the elements.