Roof Inspections in Bristol and Danbury

Ensure your roof is in the best condition with our thorough roof inspection


Roof Inspections

All roofs eventually wear down over time, which is why a regular roof inspection is essential to ensuring the quality of your roof. Most people get their roof inspected when preparing their home for sale, but roofs that are past warranty or have recently been exposed to severe weather should be inspected too so that unnoticed damage doesn’t turn into costly repairs.

Armor Shield Companies provides thorough roof inspections and roof certifications to ensure that the structural integrity of your roof is intact. We carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof and identify any areas that need repair or replacement, allowing you to prove your roof is its best condition. Not having your roof inspected may end up costing you the sale of your home or the overall condition of your property.

If you need a roof inspection for your home, call us today at 1-203-527-5338 or click below to get started. We provide all our roofing services in Shelton, Bristol, Bridgeport, Danbury, Stratford, and throughout the nearby areas in Connecticut.

Roof Inspections
Whether you've experienced severe weather or are planning to sell your home, a roof inspection is essential.

We cover all aspects of your roof

When we inspect your roof, you can be sure that all the details will be carefully evaluated. Our roof inspections check for all of the following:

  • Rotted or torn rubber boots around pipes
  • Wood rot or sagging areas
  • Cracks in a chimney or missing caps
  • Gutters that aren't securely attached
  • Missing, broken, or torn shingles
  • Worn away shingle granules
  • Cracked or missing caulk
  • Rusted or missing flashing

When our inspection is complete, you can be sure that your roof is structurally sound and will keep the house protected.

Get a comprehensive roof inspection today!

If you need a roof inspection for your home, call the local experts at Armor Shield Companies today. We provide complete inspections and certifications for all types of roofs, and we also provide quality repair work if necessary.

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